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We hope that you will find browsing these Archives interesting and informative and that it will also be a happy, nostalgic trip down memory lane for many Royal School Old Girls.   The following is an extract from the very first School Magazine, published in 1904:

“IN sending out this Magazine to the four quarters of the globe, we hope its pages will provide links to bind together Past and Present.  This first edition is but a pioneer to open the way for wider effort and greater achievements to flow in.   News of Old Girls – their whereabouts, their travels, their adventures, their work, their recollections of schooldays – will all be welcome.   We ask Royal School Old Girls whom it may reach to send in contributions, in verse or prose, grave or gay, as well as criticisms and advice for the benefit of THE EDITOR.”

The aim of this twenty-first century website is very similar.   Many of the photographs in the Archives are un-dated and un-named.   Who better to assist in redressing this situation than RS Old Girls themselves?   Any information that you can offer will be added to the website to make the Archives more accurate and meaningful.   We would also like to expand the site with Old Girls’ memories, reminiscences of their schooldays and anecdotes to embellish the visual material.   If you are able to help us in this way, do please get in touch (see the Contact Us details).

The secondary purpose of this project is to ensure that, through digitisation, the Archives are preserved for the future.   The documents themselves can remain untouched in secure storage, while their content can be accessed and viewed across the globe.   We are very proud of the wonderful educational, cultural and social heritage of the school and we hope that this new venture will once again bind together the past and the present.


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